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“My Project 360”


Door System Solutions

Karekok Project Solution is a company which develops enormous quantity of door system solutions for all types of projects. We are working on different door types: manual and automatic. Our team is an expert in its field. Based on a wide range of products we offer different alternatives and combinations to perform the task.

We combine various components for individual door scenarios and prepare separate sheets for doors and door accessories focusing on comfort and safety principles for end users.

We suggest proper and diverse solutions to our project partners according to their project budget and standards. Our priority is to save your time, create values and prestige in the details of your architectural projects.

“My project 360”

Karekök Project Solutions expert team works with you as your project partner in the sphere of door systems, door locking and access system solutions. Our services can be useful for investors, architects, engineers and end users as we cover the scope of “Project 360”.

* Project types: educational institutions, hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, business centers, restaurants, shopping areas, transportation projects, high security concept projects etc.,

* We prepare specifications for the doors according to your project needs such as: fire rated glass doors, fire rated steel doors, steel doors, fire rated wooden doors, wooden doors, manual sliding doors, steel door with fire rated glass, high security doors, doors with access control, revolving doors, automatic sliding doors, automatic pivot doors, etc.

* We prepare doors plan according to your drawings,

* We prepare and provide door hardware set introductory scroll according to users’ needs and customers’ expectations,

* We prepare and provide a scheme with door and door hardware plan,

* We accompany the project with all the necessary documents such as certificates, technical documentation, installation drawings, etc.,

* We take care of the documentation for production,

* We prepare master key system (MKS) chart and we offer ready-made solutions for all type of doors in the same project,

Once you have any questions or need further details about the products or the company activity please contact us at:

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